I provide legal services (advice, representation etc.) to employers and employees on the law as it relates to the relationship between employer and employee.  

This covers most aspects of that relationship, such as the contract of employment and the numerous schemes of rights and protection laid down in legislation, such as minimum wage, statutory holiday entitlement, unfair dismissal and the various forms of unlawful  discrimination

Disputes about these matters are generally conducted in the Employment Tribunal.  I represent parties in Employment Tribunal claims and in the higher tribunals, such as the Employment Appeal Tribunal.  I do the advocacy work (presenting the case in the Tribunal or Court) myself, rather than subcontracting it to Barristers.

Much of my work relates to settlement agreements, where an employer pays money to an employee to bring the employment relationship to and end and requires the employee to sign a waiver of employment rights and claims.  The employee must receive advice from a legally qualified person.  I draw up these agreements for employers and give advice to employees who are asked to sign them. 

I do not advise in relation to workplace injury claims or health-and-safety issues.

If you think that I might be able to assist you but you are not sure whether I cover the subject-matter of the query or problem at hand, please give me a call on 07887 983276 or send an email on rjm@robinmason.co.uk or using the email page on this site.